My new album… ‘KILL THE WOLF’

AJX327 - Kill The Wolf - Matt Berry

My new album ‘Kill The Wolf’, recorded largely from last autumn until early January 2013, has just entered the machine where it will be eventually released late May 2013. There will be a normal CD release as well as a deluxe box set containing all kinds of treats including; expanded artwork, original limited edition artwork, booklets, gatefold vinyl also, a copy of my earlier effort ‘Opium’ (on vinyl for the first time).

Anyway, enough of the sales Bullshy,

The idea for the new album came from an incident that occurred not that long ago, hang on, I’m jumping ahead, I’ll begin again. The new album is another pastoral folk journey but this time with a slightly more sinister edge. It is about someone (You? Me? …The Devil) entering your village and your life. That idea is not always so literal as when I was writing this I was interested in the Devil in all of us. When I was at University a man who I considered to be an idiot at the time informed me that inside every human being is an Angel and a Devil fighting for our attention with equal force. It is up to us as individuals as to who we allow to win. The reason for me having to endure this speech was due to my horrific time keeping, but more importantly the fact that I must have reeked of alcohol whenever we met. His words at the time seemed trite, almost Sunday school in their simplicity, in fact I remember almost walking away before he had concluded his point (that was my favoured social weapon at the time…. I know) but he looked straight at me, he didn’t blink or say a word, which weirdly made me unable to move (a social weapon I quickly stole from him). Whatever, I imagine I left his office and headed straight towards the bed of a cleaner student or happy hour and thought very little of it. Roll on nearly twenty years…

After a night of considerable intake I, with the lady friend of the time, headed back to my flat so we could continue our dreadful excesses. After a couple of hours into the dawn I remember asking my friend who was sat next to me a question, which, she completely ignored. Staring straight in front she didn’t move. I repeated the question and was greeted with total silence. After what seemed like a yonk, she turned towards me and in a voice that sounded like WW2 veteran and told me that I should “Get out now before the light comes up” I will admit I nearly dropped my stomach. I have never been so terrified in my life.  My instinct at the time was to make light of it in a lame attempt to evaporate the atmosphere. It wasn’t two seconds before I turned back, terrified that she would be glaring back at me, or worse, that I saw her lying with eyes shut in what looked like a deep sleep. I awoke her and reminded her of what had just happened seconds before as calmly as I could. She had no memory of any such (one sided) conversation and was in fact fairly adamant that she had been asleep for a while. I conducted the rest of the eve/morning with absolute caution. It was this incident that reminded me of my ex tutors words and thus was part inspiration for the ‘Kill The Wolf’ album.

And no, I did not imagine it.

Matt Berry Feb’13